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Gail O’Neil asked me to write this opinion piece for ArtsATL and I can’t say no to Gail. I have grave misgivings about the boundaries we have been placing on creative people to explore territory that many would consider not theirs to explore. It’s hard to understand why an open and curious culture would proscribe artists from understanding lives different than them.
I wish the conversation around who gets to tell a story wasn’t so strident. As is often the case, these ideas are based out on social media, a setting that does not promote nuance.


I wrote a travel piece about the Silver Comet Trail for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I hope to write more meaningfully about cycling. During the worst of the COVID lockdown, cycling was one of my few sustaining pleasures. I hope to write more about cycling soon.
Cycling the Silver Comet Trail


Here’s a review of Mary Schmidt Campbell’s Romare Bearden biography I wrote for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.



A special section feature for Travel: A Cox Media Annual


A special section feature for Travel: A Cox Media Annual

Waiting for the Cows to Come Home

A travelogue of the Allgäu region of Bavaria during the Veisheid festival, when the livestock returns from the high pastures of the Alps.

published June 2016