John Hiatt is one of my favorite songwriters. Here’s a little piece I did on him.


A Profile of John Hiatt


A Weekly series for the Bitter Southerner


Tall Tales and Cocktails

This 12-part chronicle of my book tour profiled many authors that joined me along the way. It was billed as a quest for the best bourbon cocktail in the best bar in the south.

Published Autumn 2017


Memoir/long form essay for the AJC


Secrets of a Childhood Home

I wrote this memoir piece to coincide with the annual AJC Decatur Book Festival and the publication of my novel, The Hidden Lights of Northern Fires.

Published August 27, 2017


Editorial For the Saporta Report


Driller Mike For President

An editorial for the Saporta Report, looking at the need the City of Atlanta to look forward in its celebration of the arts. With over 200 shares on social media, it was one of the most read pieces of the month in that publication.

Published August 2016