Announcing the Good Energy Podcast

Over the past year, Google has shifted its SEO emphasis to EEAT–Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Although ADT Solar had an active, productive website and blog about the practical aspects of going solar, the company needed to broaden the scope of its web presence. Last fall, I launched the Weekly Sun at ADT Solar to help establish the company’s bona fides in the renewable energy field. As that publication evolved, we rebranded it as Good Energy in anticipation of launching a podcast covering the same hopeful news in the renewable energy field.

It’s not only an opportunity to talk about innovations in the field of renewables but also a chance to showcase ADT Solar’s partners and suppliers.

I’m slowly adjusting to being on camera, but I really enjoy the process. I enjoy meeting guests and taking a real dive into their products. Writing the blog is a largely solitary process, whereas the podcast is a real team effort.

For the second episode, I talked with Andy Newbold and Enphase Energy.

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